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Construction Courses

Level 2

Plant and Vehicle Banksman

   Course duration: 3 Hours
   Validity: 2 Years
   Accreditation: JBS

Any workplace with heavy vehicles present at any time presents the risk to workers or members of the public being struck. Whether this be HGV’s loading or offloading, works vans or heavy plant operating on a site. Employers have a duty to ensure the safety of everyone who could be affected by plant or vehicles manoeuvring.

Completion: Course delegates will learn to read the environment and understand the importance of spotting hazards for manoeuvring vehicles. Delegates will learn the importance of their role and their communication with drivers / operators. Construction courses also include hand signals for communication with plant operators during site manoeuvring and excavation.

Slinging Loads and Lifting Operations

Bolt-on Course: A 2 Hour bolt on to the Plant and Vehicle Banksman course. Delegates will be trained to select the correct lifting equipment, inspect, rig and conduct minor lifting operations on site.

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