Our approach & precautions

Measures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) have become synonymous with the way we live our lives and conduct our businesses.

Our primary aim is the welfare of anyone coming into contact with our business, directly as a training delegate or client, or indirectly as the employee of any of our clients businesses or contractors. This is why we have not only put measures in place to protect those in contact with our business, but offered support and advise to our clients, and composing bespoke policies in order to help them continue to run their businesses safely. We know as well as anyone the importance of the health, safety and welfare of employees in the continuity of an efficient business.

A number of our training courses are now delivered as distance learning products where this is approved by the accreditors and deemed by us not to compromise the level of competence achieved by the learners. We use ‘Zoom for education’ as our primary distance learning platform. We are delivering the following courses in this way;

CITB Site Safety Plus suite of courses

REHIS Elementary Health & Safety

BAF Abrasive Wheels

It is still necessary for us to deliver some training courses face to face or by blended learning, which means delegates coming to a venue or us going out to workplaces, to keep everyone safe we assess the risk of each individual session and ensure the necessary measures are in place. you can view a copy of the skeleton risk assessment we use as a basis for each course here:

Onsite training RA frame

There are significant changes in some courses such as our first aid products, whereby it is not only how we deliver courses which has changed, but UK guidance driven by the resuscitation council has given us updated guidance on how first aid is actually carried out to minimise the risk to rescuers.

We will also ensure that each venue, whether our choosing or yours, meets the minimum standard set out in our venue checklist which you can view here;

Venue Checklist

For more details on how we are conducting our business and protecting staff and clients, you can view our full Coronavirus (Covid 19) policy here;

Covid 19 Policy