Elementary Health and Safety (CSCS Approved)

Essential training for anyone new to, or aspiring to work in the construction industry. Not only does this course give a great insight into construction but benefits the industry by promoting safe and productive work practices among the next generation. This training positively assists the management of health and safety on site, training the workforce

Award in Workplace Health & Safety

Every employer in every workplace must meet their obligations under the health and safety at work act and subsequent regulations. For larger organisations this may mean a consultant or dedicated H&S manager. For smaller organisations it is more effective to train key members of staff to understand these obligations. Completion: On successful completion the delegates

Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Under the COSHH regulations, any employer using, storing transporting or creating a substance which may be deemed to be hazardous to health must assess the risk to health and adequately control these risks. Completion: Successful candidates will learn the basic requirements of the regulations and how to apply these in their workplace. They will also

Workplace Risk Assessor

It is the duty of all employers and the self-employed to assess and manage the risks to health present in the workplace, these are not always the obvious. Effective training allows for a thorough systematic approach to risk management, helping the employer comply with the ‘Management of Health and Safety at Work’ Regulations and in

BSIF Spill Responder

Workplace spills account for significant damage to the natural environment in the UK and worldwide, so much so that it has become one of the UK’s leading reasons for criminal prosecution against company directors. A small investment in training for staff can lead to significant reductions in environmental harm from oil and fuel spills, to

BAF Safe Use of Abrasive Wheel

The use of cutting and grinding equipment contributes substantially to the number of accidents across a range of industries. Employers have an obligation to control these risks, the most effective way to do this is to provide adequate training. Completion: Successful candidates will understand the importance of the entire operational use of the abrasive wheel

Confined Space Awareness

A confined space could be described as any work area where limited access or egress, poor ventilation or enclosure could create a risk to the health or safety of anyone entering. The risks to health posed by working in confined spaces are many. Completion: Successful candidates will have an understanding of the definition of a

Working at Height Awareness

Falls from height are a major contributor to workplace injuries and fatalities, to such an extent that working at height commands its own set of regulations under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Someone is deemed to be working at height whenever they are at a level higher than all or part of their